Academic Requirements

Applicants should hold a Bachelor degree:

  • in Engineering or Science
  • min 180 ECTS/3 years or equivalent
  • min 15 ECTS in maths, min 10 ECTS in chemistry and physics or equivalent
    (for Japanese University graduates: min 10 credits in maths, min 5 credits in chemistry and min 5 credits in physics)
  • from a recognised university

Note: Students in their last year of such a study programme at the time of application will also be considered for admission. It is the applicant’s responsibility that the required degree is obtained prior to the start of the WE-TEAM programme.

English Language Requirements

The WE-TEAM programme is taught in English thus an English language proficiency is a basic requirement. One of the following certificates that are not older than 5 years from the start of the programme (September) must be submitted:

  • B2 Cambridge Certificate
  • IELTS Certificate with a minimum overall score of 6.5 with at least 6 for writing
  • TOEFL Certificate with a minimum score of 570 (paper) or 86 (internet)
  • TOEIC Certificate with a minimum score of 1560 calculated as (Listening&Reading score + Writing&Speaking score multiplied by 2.5)

Exemptions: if you have acquired at least 60 ECTS (a fulltime academic year) in an English based instruction programme, you can provide a stamped and signed Certificate of English proficiency issued by your home university.

Legalisation of Documents

This can be a very long and time-consuming process, please start it well in advance!

In order to ascertain the authenticity of your Diploma and Transcript of Records, we need to receive duly legalized copies of these documents. Please carefully read the information on the Ghent University website about the legalization methods per country and how to get your documents correctly legalized.

The legalisation method depends on the country where the diploma was issued (check the list of countries per legalisation method on the Ghent University website):

  • Apostille: your country has signed the Hague Treaty, you are therefore required to submit an official copy with original Apostille seal. More information can be found on
  • Certified Copy: The country where your diploma was issued has a special agreement with Belgium and you are therefore required to submit a copy taken of the original primary document by a qualified official who guarantees its authenticity as a true copy. More information about certified copies can be found on the Ghent University website.

Note: you might have to contact the institute that issued your diploma to obtain a certified copy or to find out what the procedure is to have your diploma apostilled or legalized.

Note: if your higher education diploma is not issued in English, it needs to be translated by a certified translator and the original plus the translation need to be added to your application.

Note: students with a Chinese degree should be aware of the APS screening. More info on the Ghent University website.