Appeal Procedure

The WE-TEAM Coordination Office is responsible, on behalf of the WE-TEAM Management Board, to inform the applicants about the outcome of the selection phase, by the end the of April for scholarship and self-funded non-EU applicants, and by the beginning of July for self-funded EU applicants.

At the end of each selection phase, applicants have the possibility to file an appeal.

An appeal can only relate to the correct completion of the evaluation procedure, not to the outcome thereof. The appeal must be received within 10 working days from the notification date of the selection results. The notification date is the date on which the WE-TEAM Coordination Office sends the notification e-mail.

In case of an appeal, the WE-TEAM Appeal Form needs to be filled out, signed, dated and sent by e-mail to

The sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email. The appeal will then be investigated by the WE-TEAM Management Board. The appellant will receive the outcome of the appeal by e-mail from the WE-TEAM Coordination Office within 21 working days after the date on which the appellant sent his/her appeal form by e-mail to WE-TEAM.